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Rock chick Hippie chick

Rock chick Hippie chick is my own brand. I started it in 2013. All clothes, bags and jewelry are designed and made by myself in my studio above the shop in Nijmegen. I often use vintage and second hand materials to create my designs. I participated several classes: Design at De Lindenberg, home of the arts, in Nijmegen. Working with leather, making lingerie and bathingsuits and working with the overlock machine at Hermsen, Janssen & Schuurman in Arnhem. 
Nathalie van Breda.  

Glamour showstopper luxe silver & black tulle with genuine leather jacket with leather & magnetic plastic fringe trim, in bottom and on both sleeves. Design and made by Nathalie van Breda. Size S. 275 euro now 149 euro. 

Rock Chick Green Leather Halter Top

Green leather Rock Chick Halter Top made from scratch, design and made by me. With Stars in paint on 1 side. Adjustable in the back and in the neck with a buckle. Fits a size S and a size M. 75 euro. 

Gold Beach Vintage Assemblage Statement Necklace

Gold / Cognac tone statement necklace, made with vintage materials I have collected through out the years. 
Lovely large shell and a desert rose, both gold plated. 55 euro. 

Rock chick Leather Vest

Black leather vest with uneven edges, braiding on the sides. I like to use the leather as is and you can see this in my designs. Genuine leather. Closes with a metal zipper in front. Size S. If you waist is around 70 cm and your chest about 90 cm you will fit this vest. Any questions ? please let me know. 119 euro.  

Long gold charm necklace

Hippie chick long golden, brass, light pink, light blue romantic necklace with lots and lots of charms. Some charms are vintage. Slip over head to wear long or use the lock and wear her double strand. Length is 90 cm. 39 euro.

Black leather blazer jacket Coins

Genuine black leather womens blazer jacket with vintage coins and rivets in front and back. Unique item, I only make 1!  Fits a size S/M. 145 euro. SOLD

Soft Pink Romantic Lace Bohemien Dress

Soft pastel pink lace off shoulder dress. Restyled dress by Nathalie van Breda. Fabrics used are new. Fits a size S and a size M. The belt on the photo is not included but is sold seperate. 99 euro. SOLD

Rock Chick Leather Art Vest One of a Kind

Black leather asymmetrical art vest. Made by myself. Genuine leather. Fits a size S and a size M. Now 55 euro. SOLD

Tibet Jewelry set: necklace with matching earrings. Assembled by Nathalie van Breda using collected (vintage) materials. All the jewelry I make is unique and one in its kind. 37,50 euro. 

Hippie Chick Ornament Choker Necklace

Choker necklace with XL ornate pendant. Necklace is made by Nathalie van Breda, assembled from collected old jewelry. The pendant has a length of 19 cm. 34 euro. 

Re-styled Denim Skirt with Pockets

Long denim skirt, I added pockets on the back and one in front. Size M/L. Waist is 85 cm, length is 76 cm. 29 euro. 

Hippie Chick Charm Pendant on Long Leather Cord

Necklace made by me: Pendant is a large vintage round regional wear dutch button with 9 different charms. 
The charms move around when you move. On a long genuine brown leather cord with lock. 27,50 euro SOLD

Gold Salamander / Spider Vintage Assemblage Necklace

Rock chick Hippie chick unique vintage gold / black / pearl assemblage necklace with Salamander, Spider, Pearls and other various vintage pieces I have been collecting for years. 75 euro now 55 euro. 

Extraordinary Design Leather Patchwork Jacket

Rock chick genuine black leather jacket with fringes, patchwork sleeves, embroidered black ribbon. Influences of glamour victoriana goth. The jacket has lining, One of a kind piece. I only make 1 !   Fits a dutch/german size 36-38. Any questions? please let me know. 195 euro. 

Folk Russian Re-worked Jacket size S-M

Re-worked Hippie chick jacket in a Folk Russian style with embroidery, velvet, genuine fur, colorful lace and ribbons. Fits a size S-M. 159 euro. 

Hippie chick leather Indian Festival Vest

Hippie chick festival vest with braiding, beading, fringed. Details in turquoise. Design and made by Nathalie van Breda. 249 euro now 149 euro. SOLD.